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title Thermal conductivity of II-VI compounds and phonon scattering by Fe2+ impurities
authors Slack, Glen A.
journal Physical Review B
year 1972
volume 6
issue 10
first page 3791
last page 3800
reference None
pages number None

code filename cod code phase generic phase name chemical formula publication
1000315 1000315.mpod 9000107 zinc iron sulfide Zn0.999984 Fe0.000016 S 160
1000316 1000316.mpod 9008857 zinc selenide Zn Se 160
1000317 1000317.mpod 9008858 zinc iron telluride Zn0.999932 Fe0.000068 Te 160
1000318 1000318.mpod 9008840 cadmium telluride Cd Te 160