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title Numerical study of the effective magnetocrystalline anisotropy
authors Julian Dean: M. T. Bryan: N. A. Morley: G. Hrkac: A. Javed: M. R. J. Gibbs: D. A. Allwood
journal Journal of Applied Physics
year 2011
volume 110
issue 4
first page 43902
last page None
pages number None

code filename cod code phase generic phase name chemical formula publication
1000372 1000372.mpod galfenol13 Fe87Ga13 191
1000373 1000373.mpod galfenol14 Fe86Ga14 191
1000374 1000374.mpod galfenol15 Fe85Ga15 191
1000375 1000375.mpod galfenol17 Fe83Ga17 191
1000376 1000376.mpod galfenol19 Fe81Ga19 191
1000377 1000377.mpod galfenol21 Fe79Ga21 191