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title Anisotropy of the superconducting state parameters and intrinsic pinning in low-level Pr-doped YBa2Cu3O7-d single crystals
authors Kortyka, A.; Puzniak, R.; Wisniewski, A.; Zehetmayer, M.; Weber, H.W.; Cai, Y.Q.; Yao, X.
journal Superconductor Science and Technology
year 2010
volume 23
issue 10
first page None
last page None
reference 065001
pages number 7

code filename cod code phase generic phase name chemical formula publication
1000107 1000107.mpod YBCO Y Ba2 Cu3 O6.915 66
1000108 1000108.mpod YBCO Y Ba2 Cu3 O6.973 66
1000109 1000109.mpod Pr-YBCO Y0.992 Pr0.008 Ba2 Cu3 O6.934 66
1000110 1000110.mpod Pr-YBCO Y0.987 Pr0.013 Ba2 Cu3 O6.971 66
1000111 1000111.mpod Pr-YBCO Y0.976 Pr0.024 Ba2 Cu3 O6.973 66