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tag _symmetry_point_group_name_H-M
name symmetry point group name H-M
description None
units None
units detail None
active True
definition Properties are typically related to the point group of the phase It is one of pg = 1, -1, 2, m, 2/m, 222, mm2, mmm, 4, -4, 4/m, 422, 4mm, -42m, 4/mmm, 3, -3, 32, 3m, -3m, 6, -6, 6/m, 622, 6mm, -6m2, 6/mmm, 23, m3, 432, -43m, m3m, ... Quasicrystal groupoids: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm ...
deploy True
type char
category Symmetry Point Group Name H-M