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A) Articles and presentations about MPOD

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L E Fuentes-Cobas, D Chateigner, G Pepponi, A Munoz-Romero, G Ramirez-Amparan, IL Templeton-Olivares, D Sanchez-Aroche, J Hernandez-Montes, A Marquez de la Mora Nunez, M Lopez-Carrasco. “Implementing graphic outputs for the material properties open database (MPOD)”. International Union of Crystallography Congress (IUCr 2014), 5-12 Aug. 2014, Montreal, Canada. Acta Cryst. (2014), A70, C1039. Abstract, Poster, Luis Fuentes-Montero, Saulius Grazulis, Luis Fuentes-Cobas (left to right) at work!.

B) General References about Tensorial Material Properties

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